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 There is much war going on in the heavenlies
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   Your love offerings are making a difference. Listeners and viewers of my programs who have registered through my mailing lists and some I have had the opportunity  to interact with through email have included the following countries (Praise God!):

      Russia, Japan, Brazil, Canada, India,
Norway, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, Ghana, United Kingdom, China, Netherlands, Thailand, Maylasia, Philippines, Singapore, Ukraine, Germany, New Zealand, Ecuador, Australia, Uganda, Myanmar, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Greece, Norway, HongKong, Brunei,    
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It is an amazing thing how God uses christian media, both online and traditional, to advance His Kingdom on the earth. Remember, there are many in our country and around the globe who are unable to attend a church. God uses the airways and internet technology to reach many of them.

If you are not currently partnering with us, would you consider being involved. Your prayer and/or financial support comes back to you and receive the rewards for reaching all whom we are touching by partnering with us with a single or monthly love offering. Secure love offerings may be given online at the "Donate Online" link. All offerings are eligible for full tax benefits for citizens of the USA for your charitable donations. Thank you and may our God bless you richly!
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    You can meet and blog with some great Christian fiction authors at Christians Read. You might recognize some of them by
  their pictures below. I am honored to have the opportunity to be a host blogger as a non-fiction writer once a month with these best selling fiction authors.

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