Need A Speaker For Your Event?

If your ladies group or women's ministry event needs a speaker, please feel free to check with me for open dates and availability. I am now taking bookings for Fall, 2012. I do not charge a fee to share the Word of God although love offerings are much appreciated. I do request that my traveling expenses be paid whether traveling by car or plane and should a hotel be required, I request that to be covered as well.

Some of my favorite presentation topics are:

God Where Are You? - Increase your experience of God's Presence

  Are You There? I Can't Hear You? - Learn to recognize the Voice of God

• Unlocking Abundance with the Virtues of Godliness & Satisfaction

• The Fear Factor - A Look at the Effects of Fear and How to Overcome

• Extract the Precious from the Worthless -
   Overcome the Negative Effects of
   Your Past & Present Circumstances

• The Perception Deception -
   Unravel the Lies Causing Destructive Behavior

• Who's at Your Wheel? - Learn to Release Control and Rest in God

• You Go Girl! Experiencing Victory in Enemy Country!
   - How acknowledging your identity in Christ releases power for living

• Mind Over Matters: Keys to Successful Living (5 session conference)

• The Secret to Overcoming Strongholds (4 session conference)

• Or we can customize a program to accommodate your needs

Read What Attendees of Events Have Said...

"Sarah Goebel lights up a room with her smile and joy for living. Her life is a testimony of God's love and grace for everyone. She has a way of letting you into her heart and sharing God's love in such a way that you really know who she is and what she says is truly from the Lord. The ladies of my church came away revived and ready to live lives of abundance knowing that this is how our Lord wants us all to live. I would recommend Sarah as a speaker and leader for all of God's people! We will have her back again!"
Della M. Steele, Women's Ministry Head,
RockFish Church, Raeford, NC
September, 2008

"I thought Sarah's teaching was great. I could relate to so many things she said in my own personal life where I have allowed guilt to take over and Sarah has really encouraged me today to move on past the guilt, forgive myself and allow God to use these things in my life as a witness, like she is allowing God to use her."
Sufilar Burns
Pembroke, NC

"I thought Sarah's presentation was just really awesome! I have been going through some similar things and just hearing about how we don't see ourselves the way God does, with some of the things I have been going through recently, was just really a timely message for me. I thank the Lord for her."
Renata Rodriguez
Lumberton, NC

"Sarah has a way of taking those things that are in your spirit and expressing them in words so that you can acknowledge them and grow with them. Her illustrations were very powerful and demonstrative in showing us what we can do."
Vicky Davidson

Parkton, NC